I fall in love with every family I work with

         Irene Gladun

"Nice to meet you! My name is Irene. In my photos I try to preserve the emotionality of the moment and convey the mood through the color and composition of the frame.

Naturalness, beauty, sincere joy, moments when we feel beautiful and loved, the family that is next to us, laughter and tears of joy - most often we want to stop these moments of our life and it is them that we want to remember for a long time. I fall in love with every family I work with and try to keep your memories with loving eyes.


I am constantly learning and looking for new knowledge. Graduated from ICF photography school. For 8 years I have  been trained by such masters of photography and retouching as Irina Nedyalkova (St. Petersburg), Karina Kiel (Sochi), Elena Mikhailova (Moscow), Ilya Dvoyakovsky (Zaporozhye), Yulia Frantova (Moscow), Anna Rovkina (retoucher of glossy publications), took an online training course with Pavel Mikhailov (Moscow).


In 2021, I participated in the 35AWARD international competition, entered the 70 best photographers of Ukraine (more than 117 thousand photographers from all over the world took part in this competition).


I have been a photographer for over 10 years. During this time, I met many wonderful families. We have met many of them for many years. Always glad to new heroes, stories, ideas.